1. A Multi-Point Pet Health Check.
  2. Brush out before bathing, checking for matting & removing the majority of any loose hair.
  3. Trim and File Nails.
  4. Clean Ears (remove ear hair if needed).
  5. Personal Paws Essential Elements Shampoo (x2).
  6. Personal Paws Leave In Conditioner.
  7. Towel Dry Face & Body.
  8. Pet friendly, high velocity water blower that takes the majority of the water from your pet’s coat as well as loose hair.
  9. Fluff Dry.
  10. Sanitary Trim.
  11. Paw Pad Trim.
  12. Brush & Fluff.

(This service does NOT include a haircut, please refer to FULL groom)

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Price Guide

  • <10 lbs.: $80+
  • 10-25lbs.: $90+
  • 26-40lbs.: $110+
  • >41lbs.: $120+