How It Works

Prima Bathing Systems’ technology offers the best bath massage possible for your pet. It gives pets a better bath while you save time and money.

Oxygen is mixed under pressure with the shampoo and water solution so that when it is released into the coat, it is fully activated for cleansing. The air-injected, low-volume, high-pressure applicator enhances the ability of the shampoo to cut through the oil and dirt clinging to the pet’s coat and skin, for a cleansing you simply cannot get with other methods.

The Prima Bathing Systems’ technology helps rejuvenate the pet’s epidermis by oxygenating underneath the fur, opening up the pores and completely cleansing them of oils and bacteria. This helps restore a youthful sheen and vigor to the animals coat, skin, and nails.

Green Bathing

The revolutionary NON-recirculating, GREEN design reduces shampoo usage by as much as 84% and water by more than half, yet still gives an exceptionally clean pet WITHOUT using dirty water like most salons.

That’s a very convincing environmental message.

The Prima Bathing System is designed to reduce water and shampoo waste, yet still produce exceptionally clean dogs and cats. The high-pressure application penetrates to the skin, allowing bacteria, oils, and dirt to come into contact with the shampoo solution and removed in the rinse. The result is a coat that not only looks clean, but smells clean much longer than is possible with other cleaning methods.

Compared to other animal bathing systems, Prima Bathing Systems uses far less water and shampoo. The Prima system mixes the shampoo and the water ahead of time making application quick and easy. The result is less shampoo and water usage – both in washing and rinsing.