All of the Mini Groom in conjunction with a Full-Haircut per your specifications.

Pet Full Groom prices are specific to dog breed, coat condition, type of haircut, special handling requirements, etc. Prices can vary even among dogs of the same breed.

*Personal Paws requests that you research the risks and speak with your vet before shaving down your double coated breed’s coat.

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Full Patriot Price Guide

  • <25lbs $90+
  • 26- 40lbs. $95+
  • 41-60lbs. $110+
  • >61lbs. $120+


  • Yorkie/Maltese $100+
  • Shih Tzu $110+
  • Spaniel Breeds $120+
  • Shepherds $150+
  • Poodle/Doodle Breeds $180+