Services and Pricing 1

The Mini Patriot

1. A Multi-Point Pet Health Check
2. Brush out before bathing, checking for matting & removing the majority of any loose hair
3. Clean Eyes
4. Clip and File/Grind Nails
5. Clean Ears (remove ear hair if needed)
6. MAURO Essential Shampoo (x2)
7. Mauro Leave In Conditioning
8. Towel Dry Face & Body
9. Pet friendly, high velocity water blower that takes the majority of the water from your pet’s coat as well as loose hair
10. Fluff Dry
11. Sanitary Trim
12. Paw Pad Trim
13. Brush & Fluff

Price Guide
<10 lbs. $75+

10-25lbs. $80+

26-40lb. $90+

>41lbs. $105+

Services and Pricing 2

The Full Patriot

All of the Mini Patriot in conjunction with a Full-Haircut

Pet grooming prices are specific to dog breed, coat condition, type of haircut, special handling requirements, etc. Prices can vary even among dogs of the same breed. 

*Personal Paws requests that you research the risks and speak with your vet before shaving down your double coated breed’s coat.

Full Patriot Price Guide
<25lbs $90+
26- 40lbs. $95+
41-60lbs. $110+
>61lbs. $120+

Yorkie/Maltese $90+
 Shih Tzu $100+ 
Spaniel Breeds $110+
Shepherds $130+ 
Poodle/Doodle Breeds $160+ 

Services and Pricing 3


Flea Treatment $20
(We perform an initial pet health inspection to try to eliminate any extra charges, however, if fleas are found AFTER initial inspection you will be notified and charged charged for a flea treatment NO EXCEPTIONS due to the cleaning and sterilization our Salon requires to ensure the health of ALL family members who visit our Salon.)

Dematting $20/15min

De-Shedding Treatment $10+ (based on breed/size)

Nail Polish $10

ToothBrush/Breathe FresheningTreatment $10